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Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 GRTMPVOL EN Cd-key.rar randkae




1.0 hi OerHeks: i can't understand how to do that i'm trying to troubleshoot a weird problem the system started by ubuntu doesn't show a keyboard but it's just the case of the keyboard it works with live cd but when i boot with the harddisk it doesn't i checked with dmesg | grep KEYBOARD it says the keyboard is disabled Dolasilla, using the nomodeset option? I'm trying to compile a source package and this is the error I get: CMake Error at src/CMakeLists.txt:51 (message): Please use export ACLOCAL_FLAGS=/some/path/aclocal.m4 no bazhang, the live cd works great I'm not sure what that means, and google isn't being my friend. bazhang, so i can't think about nomodeset as the problem Dolasilla, but you are now? bazhang, yes zwischenzug, pastebin all the sources.list bazhang, do you have any idea? bazhang, also, the weird thing is that dmesg has no mention of the keyboard Dolasilla, nomodeset, check your bios to make sure the onboard is disabled, or set via some other kernel option? bazhang, i'm pretty sure that's not the case. dmesg doesn't say anything. the last thing it says is that it reads /etc/fstab bazhang, but my keyboard is not in /etc/fstab i haven't touched the keyboard's content everything is working, i can use my keyboard to move to the next options it's just



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Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 GRTMPVOL EN Cd-key.rar randkae

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